Friday, July 6, 2007


Ok... me and my girlfriend were watching this show about babies. There were these guys in white lab coats, masks, and all kinds of technology in pure white rooms with the baby in another glass room with the same vibe... and they were testing them!! Like lil lab rats, the babies were forced to watch blank screens, look at scary masks, and the lab dudes would just study how terrified and panicy the kid gets... it was incredibly effed up!! And they did this one with a jack in the box and a clown mask... it was horrible. I wonder what kind of parents would actually volunteer to let their babies go through that... they're gonna be sadistic serial killers when they grow up.

- Romidion


Sugee Andersyn said...

LMAAOOO hahahah That was so funny-terrible!! :D

Anonymous said...

this one made me laugh ... good job. i rarely crack a smile.