Saturday, February 7, 2009

I said no pickles in my sandwich!

I was out sick yesterday and my computer was acting funny, but I'm finally feeling better now.

I don't know what inspired this sketch. I guess I just wanted to see The Bolt punch Superman. And it's not like I hate Superman. I love the guy. Ever since he grabbed that helicopter with his left hand while juggling Lois in his right arm back in '78, I've been a Superman fan. I guess it's like an unknown actress starring beside Meryl Streep. Except in this version the unknown actress decks Meryl in the face.

It's simply an honor to be nominated. Enjoy.


1 comment:

Romidion Studios said...

HECK YES. Superman gettin' clocked... truly inspiring. Superman's dumb. Nancy and Bolt should jump his punk ass. With Kryptonite boots and sunglasses. Keep up the great work D!