Friday, February 13, 2009

THE Monkey King

I've been having a really craptacular couple of days. Seriously. So my answer to that is drawing a MONKEY! And not just any monkey, but the KING! Yes, this guy is THE Monkey King and he's thinking of ways to crap in your cereal. This is no ordinary monkey, like you see on Animal Planet or Discovery channel. This guy is a bad monkey. He doesn't like you. He just doesn't. BUT he loves briefs (or as I like to call them, underpants). Yes, tighty whiteys make this guy happy and he would like to steal yours. So beware the Monkey King.

Trust me.


* Feeling better.

1 comment:

Romidion Studios said...

I'd be really angry if this damned monkey stole my briefs. Really angry. Great work my friend. Now I need to put some frickin' stuff up cuz I've been slacki-lackin'.