Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Artie & Tornado

Yesterday I wrote about Noel and the 2nd Kingdom. Today I decided to do a sketch of the main characters...Artie and Tornado. The classic "A boy and his dog" routine is put to the test in this relationship. I love these characters. This guy is so much of myself it's not even funny. I never had a dog when I was a boy, but I always dreamed of having a big dog and so when I created Tornado I was watching some old Scooby doo. I knew then he had to be a Great Dane. I'll do more Artie here, I think I've been on a Bolt bender lately. He's just so fun to draw, but Artie and Tornado are so much of my childhood that I had and did not have.


Patrick said...

Looking forward to seeing more of these two (though the rest of your work rocks as well!).

The D said...

Thank you, Patrick! I'll do just that.