Friday, March 13, 2009

Enter: The man called Rictor

Alright, more villains, maaaaaan. This guy here is mentioned in the pilot script for The Bolt series, but never seen. Rictor's power is to create seismic vibrations (yeah, seismic...look it up). ;)

What that means is he can create earthquakes at will. He can control the pitch and intensity of the quakes as well. He's an occasional work-for-hire agent for Kenneth Gantz who happens to be the business mogul/evil scientist in the story who wants to unlock the secret of human evolution. He created Rictor a few years back during one of his genetic experiments. He wasn't able to unlock what he wanted, but that didn't stop him from giving the young man once known as Sebastian Vargas, a new purpose. This 22-year old guy is very ambitious, keeps a low key profile and is amazingly calm under pressure. He doesn't like the lime light, but he enjoys the attention from the ladies. He wears plains clothes and is never seen during a hit. Dangerous guy.

More villains to come.


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Anonymous said...

Sebastian effin Vargas, maaaaan. Look at you!