Wednesday, March 11, 2009

"Nancy Nitro's in in The Bolt!"

The Leadrocket Chronicles was started by myself and Mr. Dayne Henry Jr, a fellow artist and friend that had the same goal to do a daily sketch to keep the pencil moving amongst the countlless projects that cross our desks. Lately, I've been the only one contributing. So I'm calling you out, Dayne. Maybe this sketch of The Bolt saving the damsel and distress (Nancy Nitro, his creation) might get his pencil moving. :)



Romidion Studios said...

DUDE!!! Ha ha... that's good stuff!! I shall answer this call my friend. Tell the bolt I said thanks for "saving" my girl from the robots... great post!! You've been ruling the Chronicles, keep it up!

- Dayne

Unknown said...

Time for you to come back!