Friday, May 8, 2009

Ballroom Blitz

I'm extremely exhausted right now. Two weeks of the stuff that I've been through can do that to you. So I feel like going home. Making myself a pastrami sandwich and watching the end of Bill & Ted, yes you read that right. I started it two nights ago and I didn't finish it. I really need to watch something with no emotion and chock full inane banter. Then, I think I'll watch Step Brothers. It's been sitting on my cofffe table. I'm guessing you guys want the story behind this sketch. Well, the song title that this installment is named after, gave me a vision of my character Katherine (Kat) Whitehorse plunging into a "ballroom" of people looking to start some trouble. She's previously always looked cute and perty. Well, enough of that! This girls got rage!
I ran out of space and didn't get to include the sword in her right hand, but you get the idea.


PS> Thanks for all the emails and for spreading the word. Don't stop. Comments are always welcomed.

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