Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Requiem for a messed up dream

As you know, I took a crack at this sketch yesterday with really no plan whatsoever. Today I felt like I had to plan around what I had done. Funny how that happens. Well, the story about this sketch is that it's a dream. Whose dream? Maybe mine? Most likely, I suppose. Or could it be Yumi's? That's the girl sitting in the center of this whole mess with her eyes closed speaking of lovely things. Around her, are of course, Jimmy the Vampiric Lima Bean, Maynard the beer-swilling broccoli tree and behind them all is a character I created not too long ago on a whim...Octo-puss. Remember him?


Yep, he's coming along nicely. I hope to flesh him out fully in the next few weeks. Anyhoo, watching this little parade are some cyclops birds. Hope you enjoy.



Patrick said...

Reading the title first queued up some Clint Mansell in my head. Wonder if that was part of the plan too :P (Works well enough with the ominous eyes, teeth and huge heads).

I particularly like your little cyclops birds. Glad to see they escaped from the tree of Mercury.

Unknown said...

Thanks, Patrick. I see you're paying attention. :)
And I am a Mansell fan, so thanks for picking up on that. I still enjoy his Fountain score the best.

Anonymous said...

You amazing man.