Friday, January 15, 2010

Aids Cat

I know what you're thinking. "Aids cat? What's that?" Well, I frequently listen to the Pretty Good Podcast. It stars Gina Grad and Randy Wang, formerly of 97.1FM (Tim Conway Jr show) before it flipped formats. I was catching up on some podcasts I missed during my break and came across one where the duo reminisced about an old alley cat that Gina "owned" called Aids Cat. She explained (with gossip overtones) how Aids Cat impregnated another stray in the neighborhood (forgot her name).

Anyway, AC ran off after the litter was born and Gina has since been looked-up-to as the abandoned mother cat's source for attention now that AC is gone . So I felt inspired to sketch the deadbeat cat she loves so much. Not done with this sketch yet, but thought I'd share anyway. Check out the PGP when you get a chance.


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