Tuesday, May 11, 2010

I like em' weird.

I started this sketch a little bit ago while I was visiting an old friend to this here LeadRocket blog. I was able to catch this documentary called Beautiful Losers yesterday and was inspired. Check it out if you're interested in the 90's urban art scene that inspired many today. The thing I got most from it was the ability of these artists to create everyday. They were broke and sometimes homeless, but they inspired one another and gave each other friendship, and that got them creating things that didn't necessarily have to be liked by anyone but themselves, but the resonance of those times has been seen commercially by everyone (whether you know it or not). I remembered this sketch and decided to finish it based on how I felt. I like what I did, even if you don't. :)


P.S. Looking at it again, I feel like adding some color. :P

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Unknown said...

I wish Tanoshiboy had a "like" button...lol.