Wednesday, June 30, 2010

2nd Kingdom Jam: Noel & the Sorcerer

Man, I almost forgot to post today. These guys you see here are Noel and Merlin, yes, the Merlin. He existed to and on the day that Arthur "died", so did Merlin. What the world never knew is that both of them ended up in a world that we are strangely all connected to in a very real way. This place is the home of Noel, a man who is lion humanoid for lack of a better term. But Noel, as brooding as he may look here, is a very happy-go-lucky-guy. He's the kind of guy that needs to make light of the serious moments that he encounters. He is a sort of outcast that finds a new home with the King and Sorcerer. Merlin, who continues to gwho uide Arthur has become more of a fatherly figure to Arthur over the ages and does the same for Noel, who feels has no place with his people. Merlin's role in the 2nd Kingdom is integral, and will develop into something the fate of our world will depend on. The sad fact? No one will ever know it.


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Dude this one's my fave