Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Cyclopee can haz cheeseburger!

This is the first post under the new name, Tanoshiboy Chronicles. So welcome. There will be lots of changes to this blog. Obviously a new look, but the kinds of things I'll share will also be different. Sketches will still be a mainstay of this blog, but I'll also post works in progress and finished work. The idea behind tanoshiboy is to simply have fun creating and sharing. But for now let's go back to January and look at the before of this finished piece.

Remember it now? I hope you like the finished product. I really enjoyed bringing it to full color life. And I really hope to create and develop new and bizarre characters that will one day become more well known. At least, that's the plan. ;)



Heather said...

This one makes me giggle

Unknown said...

I'm happy to hear that. :)

Unknown said...

This lil guy is one of my favorites.