Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Dear Prudence -- Sketch of a Mad Girl

This is Prudence. One of 5 friends who inhabit a story I call "The Amazing World of Thadeus Crumb". She's a very loyal friend, to a fault. She can be a bit of a handful but she means well. She tends to deal with things in a violent matter when provoked...especially with explosives.

Just some quick sketches of this dear friend. I wanted to create a character who's eyes you could never see, yet you'd still get to see how she was feeling. I think it works out pretty good. I forgot how much I love drawing dear, dear Prudence.


P.S. Thanks to everyone who showed interest in the Geek shirt. I will have results later this week. :D


Anonymous said...

I'm digging her. Have you drawn her before on the blog?

Derek said...

Nice stuff man. I'll be checking out your work.

Adrina said...

Goooo Tanoshiboy!!!! Wheee!

Adrina said...

ps - sushi and gazpacho are hilarious! love em!

Heather Fonseca said...

Very cool. I have to draw some "comic" hands for a client today so I appreciate looking at Prudence and her 4 fingers.

Unknown said...

Thanks everyone!

@Anonymous - Yep. You can see an old post here. http://tiny.cc/0ul2k

@Heather - Very cool. Maybe you can share somewhere down the line?