Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Running with Scissors: Comic Strip

I've always designed characters. Ever since I saw my first Felix the Cat and Looney Tunes short I've been interested in creating my own characters and the story behind them. What you see here is an old strip I did under the name "Running with Scissors" back in 98'. As much as I can't help but see the flaws with this old strip, I have to admit the joke is still good and the characters were decent. I really like the simplicity behind Ralph the Bear. The other character is Disco Chimp or DC. I think I may revitalize these old characters and see if I can breathe new life into them. It's a nice challenge -- competing with my 20 year old counterpart. :D

I thought I'd share this old piece as a reminder of how far we can all come with a little practice. Plus, I just love those bubble gum eyes.



Seiko Kim said...

Lol rocket ones were cool! Gum ball eyes ones were cool too. Can't recall a fav rt now. I remember buying those cigarette gums.

Mindy Le said...

Choco Tacos & Good Humor Bars!

Unknown said...