Thursday, September 9, 2010

What do you see?

Howdy, ladies and germs! I've been away, as you've noticed, this week. I have three major deadlines going on right now that need my full attention. I've been itching to share a sketch or doodle or something, so I figured "why not share what I'm working on?"

I can't say too much about this project, but I will say it's a 16-page music album booklet. These are just 8 panels from the booklet. Here it is without any copy.

I decided early on in the art direction of this project that I wanted to maintain a level of mystery throughout.
I wanted to use everyday objects and couple it with this color palette to create a mood and keep the viewer guessing as to what they're looking at.I relied heavily on images rich in texture to further accentuate the mood created. Can you guess what you're looking at it in each panel?
The ultimate goal is to create great imagery that yells MYSTERY, and to illustrate the theme, "There is more to what you see". I hope you like it.



Anonymous said...

Dude this is awesome stuff. I think I have most of these figured out, but some are still up in the air. I love the colors you went with. It feels really cool and airy.

Derek said...

Can't wait to see the final prduct.

Joel said...

Oooh nice work. My favorite is the third one. A grave stone and some leaves?

Heather Fonseca said...

Are you allowed to show work in progress? I have to sign all sorts of confidentiality stuff and am terrified to even put old work in my portfolio. (so I don't)

Unknown said...

In this case it's totally fine. I always ask after were all done if I can put that work in my portfolio. The answer is usually a yes.