Thursday, September 2, 2010

What Makes You a Geek?

I bet some of you guys are pretty ticked that I never got back to you guys on who won my new "the Geeks shall inherit the Earth" t-shirts. I sincerely apologize, but I really had to prioritize. Back on July 23, is when I put out the original post about the shirts and I asked "What makes you a Geek"? I was overwhelmed by the responses and never expected the turn out. I surprisingly, ran out of shirts very quickly and made it my goal to get back to every single person who responded to the call, including the first 24 people who responded with an email. So I apologize to those of you who won't be getting a shirt, but I never thought I'd have to order more than 24. As soon as I round of some extra scratch, I'll make another batch and let you all know. But I do want to skip today's regular tanoshiboy post in order to bring you the following 5 responses (the last one is my favorite) to the question of the day: What makes you a Geek? (My responses will be in red)

Hey Dennis,
Ok, I'm not really a geek. I totally suck at computers and I held onto my flip phone until it broke. I don't have an I-pad. I do love comic books and will watch Star Trek TV shows with my kids whenever they want because I love it. I also like Harry Potter, but I think that makes me more of a dork which is just not good in any way shape or form. So why should I get a fantastic Dennis Salvatier T-shirt? Because I would look HOT in it. And I would wear it with pride.
Me thinks the lady doth protest too much. And I don't doubt you'd rock the shirt, Heather. ;)

Hey dude,
So I will put aside that I attend a weekly gaming session, I'm level 2 dwarf..... yeah, I said it. But I have owned about 300 bucks worth of art supplies, and Early one morning when I woke up, once late at night in the parking lot of a Kragens, closing they broke the window of my car and away it went; both times I cried. But I'll tell you what, I'm still standing here, and now It's new books and new pencils, thanks.

Odoyal Rules!
Wow, level 2...not just anybody gets that kind of title, people. That takes commitment!

Why...why am i a geek?

Main reason - b/c I've been one of your BIGGEST fans since you were like knee-high to a grasshopper! B/c when you make it big, i'll say "remember when you'd draw me with a big head, big hands and big feet and I was utterly insulted?" B/c I'd love to be a walking billboard propagating your shiznit!

Let me win damn it!
LMAO...that's just too good. Sorry you didn't get a shirt, Denyse. Take comfort in knowing I feel bad.

I am a geek because I love the things I love, unabashedly. And if I
don't win a T, I want my sketch that I won so I can have some thing
dope hanging on my wall!
You are my biggest cheerleader, Scharisse, and that's why I feel bad you didn't get a shirt, but that sketch will be in your hands very soon. :D

Hi Dennis,

I'm a geek because I have a significant collection of DC Comics, and I know more about the history of the DC Universe than I do about some countries. Possibly including my own.

I'm a geek because yesterday, on my day off, I spent half the day figuring out an obscure work-related data issue that ultimately turned out to be due to local administrative boundaries and differing reporting methodolgies. I was ridiculously happy when I figured it out.

I'm a geek because I quote Doctor Who in social situations.

I'm a geek because I can recite most of the original animated Transformers movie.

But the main reason I deserve a t-shirt is because I have a blog called Geeks Shall Inherit the Earth

Anyway, all the best with the site!

Matthew Hyde
Dudley, England

This was my favorite response. Matt, you really are a geek, no doubt. You even have a little nerd in you for good measure, but you are a gentleman and a scholar. I thank you for the awesome email and I invite everyone reading this to check out this dude's blog. Congratulations to the winners (you know who you are) and I'll be doing this again real soon!


Heather Fonseca said...

Well I better get one next time. I really DO love that last one. Very cool. I didn't understand a thing after the DC comic part though. Does that make me just a geek poser?

Unknown said...

You'll get one for sure. What size are you? No you're not a poser, but I've found that there are many different levels of geeks. Some love comics, but know nothing about Harry Potter. And there are those who just loves movies with a passion but know nothing about comics. It's whatever you have passion for. Then there are the uber-geeks, as I call them...

scharisse said...

Dude.. thanks for the shout-out, even if I didn't get a T. But considering that I have been your cheerleader since like high school, I should deserve to win SOMETHING!!

Matt said...

Thanks guys - I think Dennis is right, geekiness is mainly about passion. Socially people assume it's just about comics or sci-fi or Harry Potter or whatever, but really, isn't there something totally geeky about being able to recite 40 years worth of, say, baseball statistics? Or the intricate details of your car's engine performance?

Nah, geeky is about passion and love and revelling in that. And it's awesome!

Anyway, thanks for the shout-out and keep up the good work - this is a good site and there's some great work posted here, so all the best with it!

Unknown said...

Thanks Matt!