Tuesday, January 11, 2011

What’s A Tweet Really Say About Your Brand?

Today's post is by my first guest blogger of 2011, Amara Poolswasdi (@amaravp), a fellow designer who specializes in visual design, and business development, and someone I met through twitter just two days ago. Enjoy.

If you’ve ever felt alone and isolated at work, you’re in luck. There is a pretty large and tight-knit community already buzzing away on Twitter. Because we pretty much sit at our desks all day, it only made sense that a real-time community would be built around social media. We are, after all, wired to the computer 24-7!

Twitter can be pretty overwhelming sometimes, even for the veteran user. With thoughts, emotions, and news flying at the speed of tweet, it can be difficult to keep up or even make a dent in the overall Twittersphere.

Pack your identity into a tweet by being:

  1. Witty: People on Twitter are pretty educated — Almost 75% of users have attended or graduated college. Whether it’s a good pun or a clever statement, craft your statement in such a way that it reflects how smart you are.
  2. Informative: The community consumes information at a voracious rate. If you find an interesting study, informative article, or some pearls of wisdom, share it. Information strengthens the community.
  3. Unique: Don’t go on a retweeting frenzy or link to articles all of the time. Let your true voice and personality shine through. You have a unique point of view. It’s valuable, so share it!
  4. Engaging: Talk to other people, pay some compliments, and get to know someone. Even a small acknowledgment tweet — i.e. “Good job!” — does a long way. Just make sure it’s genuine.
  5. Succinct: Try to keep it under 140 characters. Better yet keep it under 100 or 120 so that people can retweet your genius statement.

And, for the love of Goethe, don’t tweet in text-speak. It’s terribly annoying and turns off the entire community. If you want to be taken seriously, learn to say it in grammatically-correct English in under 140 characters. There’s nothing worse on Twitter than having great content and a great message but terrible execution.

How do you try to cut through the clutter?

Amara Poolswasdi

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Keyuri oshi (on the ball parent coach) said...

Thanks for these suggestions. Useful and simple to follow. Right up my alley!!

Rob Berman said...


I have read a lot of blog posts about Twitter today. Must be what happens when you are trapped by two feet of snow. This post is so simple but powerful. Best one of the day.


Unknown said...

@Keyuri That's great to hear!

@Rob I'm glad you think so. Amara has a way of writing the way she speaks. Very conversational.

Heather Fonseca said...

Ha! I just tweeted the article. Really well done! I almost never just tweet. Usually I retweet or post articles. I guess I'm going to have to learn to write witty things in less than 140 letters...


Sarah Wu said...

Thanks for the Tips, Engaing is one of the biggest thing for me . that's how I met you ;P

the Citizen Rosebud said...

Great advice. However I plea guilty to retweeting. Viral info is my soft-spot I guess. in fact Heather's RT brought me over here.

Susan Oakes said...

Hi Dennis,

I must say one thing I am finding more of is tweets that go over the limit and are filled with hashtags.

Like most I don't have time to work out how to cut the characters to RT especially. I find there are unfortunately more tweets I do not RT because of this which is a shame as i would like to share them.

Michaele Razi said...

Very nice. I still haven't jumped into the twitterverse but this is a great post to help those of us who are a little wary of the power of The Tweet.

Catarina said...

Useful suggestions on how to tweet. Seems it's becoming the new chat line?

Anonymous said...

Just had to retweet this*wink*! Thanks for sharing this first guest post on such a timely topic.

Unknown said...

@Heather Get to it!

@Sarah That's right! It's been really great.

@Bella I don't think RTs are bad, but I think what she's saying is you have to balance the info with the persona tweets.

@Michaele I'm glad it's going to help. :)

@Susan I'm guilty of that sometimes, but each hash tag could potentially bring you a new follower or subscriber. I suppose everyone has their preferences.

@Catarina Absolutely. I've already met 4 people from twitter in less than 2 months.

@Anonymous Thank you!

keepupweb said...

Great suggestion to keep your tweets grammatically correct. This applies to Facebook too!

Unknown said...

I think it applies to life in general.

Kate F. Eaton said...

First, I must get better at retweeting from my Blackberry! @anonymous apologizes!

Second, "And, for the love of Goethe, don’t tweet in text-speak." Laughed out loud, and then heartily applauded. I actually thought someone I was following was a teenager by the way he never capitalized or punctuated his tweets! Turns out he's a successful forty-something entrepreneur, but I'm scratching my head as to how. Must have captured the youth audience!

Unknown said...

That's pretty funny. Just goes to show...

Hajra said...

This is so informative..I am new to blogging and even new to the Twitter...don't know what really works or not...:)

Thanks a lot!

Unknown said...

Glad we could help, Hajra.