Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Designing a Logo: Step 3 The Conclusion

When I last posted, we were in the middle of picking a comp to finalize from the 4 that I originally presented. You can see them here. After much debate and consideration, Heather chose comp 4 as the logo she thought best suited her brand.

That's when we entered into the revision phase. This is where we use the 3 revisions cycles that we agreed upon to finalize the logo to its conclusion. Luckily, the initial concept was very close to what Heather was wanting so we were able to get to it fairly quickly. The main element that needed the most work was the eyes. The title of her name went from lower case to all caps and pink. Speaking of pink, I introduced a two-tone pink color motif to give the logo another element of design. For me it made all the difference. And from that point it was just a matter of making the eyes sexy, aloof and looking towards Heather's title like originally conceived in the 4th comp. Heather also went from "fashion and doll designer" to "fashion and doll design". Below is the progression.

Heather was a pleasure to work with. We had a little bump in the road in regards to communication, but that's something that every designer has to figure out while working with the client. Some want to do everything strictly by email or in person, but with Heather we did better when we spoke over the phone. She plans on creating new business cards and rebranding her websites with her new mark, so I'll keep an eye on her and see where her new brand goes. Lots of people had opinions on what direction she should have gone with (including me, naturally), but in the end I trusted Heather to pick her own brand. It doesn't always happen like this because most logos are marks for companies or products, but in this case it works. Something to keep in mind if you're thinking of a logo for yourself. Thanks for joining me through this process. I hope you enjoyed it and have learned something from it. I had a lot of fun and before I go I just want to say...

Trust The Process

Happy Designing,

Dennis (aka tanoshiboy)

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