Wednesday, December 21, 2011

What Does a Season's Greeting look like?

I usually go out after the first of the year and buy myself a nice stack of holiday cards for my clients. But as I found myself in the store this past January, I changed my mind and decided to do a custom holiday card for 2011. With all the work that was unexpectedly coming into the studio, I quickly turned to curse my past self. I finished doing that at some point and started  doodling one afternoon. When I stared down I saw Pandamonium (my surly panda) dressed as Santa and smoking a cigar. You've all seen Pandamonium before, recently in my illustration "Late Night Snack". I knew then that this had to be my holiday card. No way was I going to do the typical snowy background with silhouettes of reindeer and birds. That's just not me.

I had one final chance to have fun and be creative for my clients so I wanted to make sure they were reminded why they worked with my studio. I finished the illustration in a couple of days and went to (cause I love what they do) and placed my order. In just 9 days I received my cards, and out they went to my clients. I'm so glad I went with Moo, by the way. A pack of 50 comes out to about $60. They do quality work and I really wanted this card to stand out against the many my clients were sure to receive.

I wanted to end this post by thanking you all for a great year. This blog and the little community that exists here, continues to amaze me. It has really allowed me to continue being creative while providing quality design to my many clients. I don't know what I'd do without it and you. Happy Holidays to you and yours!

Happy Designing,

Dennis (tanoshiboy)

I don't have many left, but I would like to give out 2 cards to the first two comments on this post. Drop me an email at dsalvatier[at] and leave me your mailing address. Feel free to keep it as a collectible, send it to a friend...however you wish!