Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Design Field Trip: Getty Center part 1

One of the things we do as creatives is sit behind our monitors a bit too much. It's really important to get out and see what the world holds in store in terms of inspiration. Living in Los Angeles, I have tons of inspiration around me (yes, I'm spoiled). So I decided to visit the J. Paul Getty Museum (part of the Getty Center), well known for its architecture, gardens, and beautiful views of Los Angeles. I brought a couple of friends with me and it was especially great for them to join me because they're still exploring Los Angeles and it's always a treat to visit familiar places and see it again through new eyes. The museum was designed by architect Richard Meier, with the Garden being designed by Robert Irwin. You can learn more about the Getty Center on their wiki page.

In this post you'll see pictures of the amazing architecture, the gardens and some sculpture work. Unfortunately the day was overcast so we didn't get the sunset we were hoping for, in part 2 you'll get to see pictures of the artwork inside the museum. I had so much fun breaking in my new Canon EOS Rebel T2i, so I hope you enjoy my shots. Come back Thursday for part 2!

Happy Designing,


Have you ever felt burned out and take a field trip to recharge those batteries? Can you recommend some inspiring places to visit either in Los Angeles or in the U.S.? Do you have stories of amazing places you've seen in other continents? Please share in the comments section and share this post on facebook, twitter (via @salvatier) or any other social media sites. Thanks!