Tuesday, June 19, 2012

3 Reasons You Need "Why Not" People In Your Life

Since I was a little kid, I've dreamed big. Along the way I've met those that have strengthened my creative resolve and those who have put me down for one reason or another, including a teacher. To some degree that level of negativity exists till this day as aspire to reach my dreams and goals. What I've learned is that life is made of two kinds of people in a creative person's life; those who say "why" to your dreams and those that say "why not".

Why-nots are unfortunately comprised of your close friends and family sometimes, not just the passerbys of life. It shouldn't dissuade you from pursuing your dreams. And these dreams I speak of can be anything. Perhaps, you're thinking about venturing off on your own and starting your own design or illustration business. Or you're possibly thinking of selling prints of your original artworks, starting a band or shooting a movie. Maybe you love the idea of writing novels and selling them through amazon or designing an app game. Many people I have encountered recently are working non-creative jobs and wanting to quit and pursue their creative dreams. Whatever it may be, don't let anyone's negativity affect your journey. Find the why-nots. Here's are 3 reasons why you need "why not" people in your life.

1. Why-Not-People Get Infected
When you dream and you share it with someone, sometimes they get infected by your passion. with that passion you might find yourself a partner that you can collaborate with. No one can do it alone and finding the right partner is difficult, but when it feels right and all your ducks are in a row, it's magic and your own passion get's multiplied.

2. Why-Not-People Hang Out With Others
That old saying "misery loves company" is true. People who are constantly in a state of flux with self-imposed drama and negativity love to have you along for the ride. You may not feel it as first, but it's totally affecting you and your mindset. When you surround yourself with positive and all around nice people, your thinking begins to change and suddenly anything is possible and then you get introduced to more people like them. Seek out those people who are beacons of positivity and watch your mood and thinking change for the better. 

3. Why-Not-People Tell You It's Possible
Simply put, why-not-people encourage you to dream. They may be a little scared for you, but they want you to be happy and will be there no matter. And we all need people like that in our lives. People who just plain believe in us and have that special something to say when discouragement tries to set in. They remind you it's possible and that you shouldn't give into fears of failure, because failure is just a step to the final goal.

You might be thinking this post is a little rudimentary and saying a lot of well meaning things that don't always work out. You're right, life doesn't care how hard we work or how much we dream, but that shouldn't stop you from trying. I wrote this post because almost two years ago I went on a river trip that almost killed me. What started as a fun time with the guys, progressed with me in the grips of class-4 rapids. I was then sucked into a whirpool that would not let me go. As I slowly drowned, I didn't reflect on my life. Instead I thought about those I would leave behind and I thought about all the things I would never get to do and be, including being a Father and getting some of my ideas off the ground. I decided to keep fighting, and miraculously I was spat out by the whirlpool and was swam to safety by my friend. Since then I've decided that I'm going to try every crazy idea that comes to mind and not over-think things. Along the way I've lost some life-long friends, but I found their absence has resulted in a surplus of new creative people with why-not attitudes. That has helped me in my new found pseudo-philosophy.

Our lives are not guaranteed and that's why you need to take every moment you have to do what you love no matter how crazy it may seem to others. Wherever you may be right this very moment as you read this, I ask why not? 

Happy Living,

Dennis (aka tanoshiboy)

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