Monday, April 15, 2013

Can the Past Give Way to the Future?

I had an art teacher who told me to throw away all of my old drawings (or give them away), even the ones I thought were my best. He preached this to his students because he firmly believed that if we kept our drawings we risk repeating the past. It makes a lot of sense and it'd be sound advice for any creative. But check this out...

Almost 4 years ago I drew up this sketch. If you've followed my stuff for any amount of time, you've surely noticed the Cyclopees and the Izzis. They're the witnesses in the world(s) I've created. Anyway, I remember I really liked this sketch, especially because I had just started drawing both of these characters at the time. It got lost within one of sketch books never to be found until just a few weeks ago when it falls out and lands on the ground in my studio. Suddenly, I looked at it with different eyes and a detailed image came to me. This illustration that I named "The Meeting Place" is the result of that moment of inspiration. I do agree that holding onto old work can cause you to stick to the past, but I also believe there are exceptions when a great idea can be revisited and turned into something new. 4 years ago I would have never created the image you see now, so I'm happy to share this illustration with you guys. What do you think about past work giving way to future work? 

Dennis (aka tanoshiboy)

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