Monday, June 10, 2013

The 25 - Gambit

When I started the 25 drawing challenge I knew I wanted to draw Gambit. It was weird how quickly he came onto the list. At the time I wasn't reading anything with Gambit in it, but back in the 90's the X-men book had plenty of Gambit and his storylines around.

I think what I've always loved about this character (besides his awesome mutant power) is that he's a lovable scoundrel. I loved how he flirted with the x-ladies, especially Rogue, and he how he was running from his past. Of course his past came to find him and he dealt with it, but he'd just got into more trouble eventually. And I loved that his constant was always Rogue. He reminded me of the qualities I liked in Han Solo. I think that's why he popped in my head so quickly.

I wanted to capture a classic looking Gambit this time around. It's been awhile since I'd drawn him and for some reason I always drew him as a pretty boy. This time around I didn't want to focus so much on that and just focused on depicting some movement/energy and his scoundrel ways. I had one image to make that message clear and I'm pretty happy with the results. Remy LeBeau has always been one of my favorite X-men and I think he always  will be. The Ragin' Cajun is up in the store.

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Dennis (tanoshiboy)

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