Wednesday, June 19, 2013

The 25 - Ghost Rider

I didn't grow up reading a lot of Ghost Rider comics, but I love this guy. In the 90's the Rider at the time wasn't even Johnny Blaze (which is one of the coolest names in comics), instead we had Danny Ketch. And I remember Mark Texeira drawing one of the most bad ass versions of the Ghost Rider ever.

I really kept loose with this one. Even when I added the ink and marker, I tried to just kind of splatter it on. I really like how this came out. There's lots of energy. Batman may be a scary looking hero, but who beats a skull on fire??? No one. Ghost Rider just looks so awesome. I would love to know that this evil looking bastard is hanging on someone's wall. So check him out in the store and take him home.

Thanks for reading!

Dennis (tanoshiboy)

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