Friday, June 14, 2013

The 25 - Superman

Since Man of Steel is opening today, I thought it would be fun to unleash Superman! I'm really looking forward to this movie and I have my tickets ready.

The first time I saw Superman, I was about 5 and was watching the movie on ABC's Sunday Night movie. The scene where Superman saves Lois from the falling helicopter and then catches the copter with his right hand, changed my life. After that, I was jumping off couches and chairs -- anything that I could climb.

Superman was actually the first of The 25 that I decided to add color to. I just wanted to give him that extra something because the character is so special to me. It's easy to love Batman because he's so bad ass, that's why I love Spidey because he is the guy who I relate to the most, but Superman is the person I wish I could be. Enjoy this installment of The 25 (it's up in the store) and enjoy Man of steel this weekend. 

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Dennis (tanoshiboy)

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