Monday, July 8, 2013

The 25 - Spawn

Back in the early 90s, a bunch of Marvel artists left the company simultaneously to start Image Comics. Superstar Todd Macfarlane, who was best known for Spider-man, came out with Spawn #1 and it was a huge hit. Over time the popularity of the character has dwindled, but it showed the world that from one massive risk and an original character, one man can create his own empire. And Todd did.

Spawn (Al Simmons) was never supposed to be a Superhero. He was a guy, like many of us (although a very flawed one), who died and made a deal with the devil to come back to his wife, but the devil had plans for him. He was brought back, but he was now a Hellspawn, a soldier in the devil's army. Plus, time had passed and his wife was now married to his best friend and they had a little girl. For years he fought to gain control over his life and struggled with the forces of evil who wanted to control him and use him for the incoming battle with heaven. It was a really exciting book and it even spawned (pun intended) a decent HBO animated series and a drab feature film. Still, it led to Spawn action figures which then led to Macfarlane toys, which were highly detailed and articulated and changed the industry entirely. All from a character that was created by a Canadian kid in high school years ago.

I hope you enjoy my rendition of Spawn and if you like, you can pick it up in my store along with all the other pieces that are still available.

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